FOya FoYaaN~

This week was definitely one for letting go of pent up energy and stress.

Yesterday zafu, putri erica and i decided to go out to time square to catch up on some goshipping as erica so fondly calls it. It was 5 by the time we got there and i was already starting to feel the exhaustion from earlier classes. It turned out we never even got to shop at time square. Probably due to the fact that it was almost 9 when we finished eating and discussing personal matters, did a little shopping at Sg.Wang and finally reached time square at about 10. The store keepers were literally pulling down their grills in front of us. We reached home at around 11 something. Totally exhausting.

And yet today,  i was with these peeps:

going to ikea to eat this:

Which was pretty awesome by the way. I'll probably get around to bringing my siblings here too. Not too bad for 14 bucks ^^ It's been awhile since i got to play with the rebel a.k.a cannon D550. But it was a whole lot of fun catching these 3:

and the occasional moi

There shall be more tomorrow since we'll be going on an all day trip to PD for our final year barbecue. But i'll probably be busy with my baby to even want to play in the water XD

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