The time has come for our last run..

Waktu terasa semakin berlalu...

 Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita...

 Akan tiada lagi  kini tawarmu..

Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati.. 

Ada cerita..

 Tentang aku.. dan dia..

Dan kita berasama..

Saat dulu kala...

Ada cerita.. 
tentang masa yang indah..
saat kita berduka..
saat kita tertawa..


Sofie Shah said...

Wonderful pics! ^^

Hm, I have nostalgic pictures like these too.. it's sad to think about, but life does go on afterwards.

And it's those who chose to stay with you that have the most impact.. :)

Btw, how come some of the pics come out blurry, like there was something on the lense?

I seriously hope you didn't WIPE the lense down! seaside air is usually mixed with saltwater and small grains of sand.. wiping the lense would have been a fatal mistake!

fura said...


i rechecked the lense after taking all those pics and it was totally smudged -____-v

i should have take the whole bag with me so i could wipe it down. I didn't wipe it though, cuz i was worried i'd scratch the lense.

But to be fair.. the original pics before uploading looks MUCH better ^^

Amar said...

"tentang aku dan dia" jd bila lg? si dia x ajak kawin?

fura said...


salah tu. 'Aku dan dia' bermaksud kenangan bersama rakan2 selama 4 tahun. Sedih nak ucap selamat tinggal..