Eat Pray LOVE

Despite that fact the i returned home after the last of my classes in order to study for the upcoming finals, i found myself stuck to the computer screen watching eat pray love till 3 in the morning yesterday. ^^v

I was actually reading the book, courtesy of my mak long. But my sis somehow persuaded me to watch the movie while i was still half way through the pray part.

Personally i thought the movie was great despite my common bias to books. Pretty much followed the story to at least where i had read. Plus Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses ever who seem to stay beautiful no matter what role she plays. There were also some nice eye candy in the form of David and Giovani XDD. Italian men really have astonishing features 0_o lol!

My favorite part of the movie however was obviously the journey to Bali for Love ^^ so call me a hopeless romantic. I'm the type that thinks almost anything is sweet. Seriously, but the character portrayed in this story somehow.. i dunno.. made me think, where can i find one of those? Shameless. I know. But really. A girl can wish no? ^_~  

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