Help me be that person..

The doa selamat for my departure for umrah will be held this Friday at our mosque after Isya.

Following that, only 5 more days until our flight to Jordan at 10pm on Wednesday night.

Just last Monday I was joining the jemaah of 60 people on a half day course on Umrah. Seeing all the people, listening and watching the actions, it was then that it finally dawned on me that i would soon visit the house of God, regardless if I was prepared or not. Thankfully I unkwowingly got to sit next to the wife of the mutawwif, and she was kind enough to explain the little details that of course i knew nothing about. There is a huge difference in reading a book and learning from someone with experience.

I have a lot to be regretful for. Parts of me that I have been wanting to change for so long now and yet, i keep loosing the strength to do so. I am sure Umrah is the key to winning that struggle.

Ya'Allah.. there is so much that I still do not know. And there is so much that i still must strive for. Please give me the strength to be that person that I need to be.


Sofie Shah said...

I spent all my time online these past few days looking into places we'll be visiting in Jordan, Jerusalem, Madinah and Mekah.

It's fascinating, but the more you read the deeper it gets, and before you know it you're confused and looking up every little thing about the Prophets; who came first, where they lived, why they were prophets, how they died, what they preached..

It's like reading Dan Brown; the character you thought you knew best in the story ~that'd be Rasulullah SAW~ turns out to be just one among many larger-than-life-uber-mysterious pious characters that make up the scenes before him.

It hit me like a tank then, where we're going.. (-_______-)v

PS: did you know that Islam also believes in the Ark of the Covenant?? I thought it was a Christian/Jewish thing..

y.y.yasmin said...

take care once you get there kak fura..tak boleh nak describe macam mana rasanya best kat sana.. insyaAllah, just pray for Allah to bestow His hidayah to us..Amin..

SAFfy SafiAh said...

pura ingat daku dalam doamu. hiks. just have a thought of you & drop by this belog. hee :D
hope awak selamat pergi & pulang.& importantly, you find what you searching for in life. aminn :)

btw,saye tuka link. saffysafiah.blogspot.com.