Feline Facets

TITLE: The Ebil King
NAME: Toothless / Tootie / Tupless
DISPOSITION: Evil, Cranky & the likes
DESCRIPTION: Found by the highway, with a broken arm. Immediately too up the post of neighborhood gangster after the late Semut.

TITLE: The Little Prince
NAME: Bear / Abe
DISPOSITION: Mommies boy
DESCRIPTION: 1 of 4 who were born and raised and bottle fed since 1 week of age. Susceptible to all kinds of diseases and generally loud mouthed

 TITLE: The Petite Princess
NAME: Kakak
DISPOSITION: nervous / anxious
DESCRIPTION: Second eldest of the royal line. Often often a loner with general dislike for large crowds. Timid and shy.

TITLE: The Young Lady
NAME: Tikus / Akus
DISPOSITION: Hyperactive, aggressive  
DESCRIPTION: Youngest of the royal line. More often than not mistaken as a male due to her aggressive nature.


Sofie Shah said...

Oh, anak2ku.. XD

I really like the picture of Kakak's wide open mouth!

~Kecikjer~ said...


we need those lenses ><

Eipul said...

paling suka kucing last ni!!! cantik gila!! hahaha

~Kecikjer~ said...

@ eipul

rupe je chantek tu... ganas nak mampos -_-v