That Jaejoong... Amazing 0_0

I recently stumbled over jewel while surfing through SYC the other day:

How this song could even slip past my radar is beyond me -____-v. I've always been a fan of jae's beautiful solos. I think he sings those melancholic love songs best. And not forgetting Maze, which he totally rocked out.

But this performance just blew me away. So let me break down all the little things that led me to assault the replay button ^_~

  1. I love that perfect voice. Something about the timber. I had goosebumps. No kidding
  2. I love how this song starts low and climaxes to the awesome chorus. >_<
  3. I love how the performance focuses solely on his vocals with no fancy special effects. Just my very talented Jae doing his thing <3
  4. I love how this song seems to describe him as a person so well.
  5. I love the way he expresses this song through his body language. Especially the part where he tilts back for that high note >//<
  6. I love how he sings with his eyes closed because he's totally feeling it and i'm totally feeling him Xp
  7. I love how the lyrics have a personal feel and how it was expressed in the music.
  8. I love how this isn't a love song. Don't get me wrong, I just appreciate him singing about something other than love or relationships ^^
  9.  I love the fact the despite being live, he can still make it sound so tender.

I absolutely, positively, uncontrollably love KIM JAEJOONG. Simple as that. <3

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