Forget about the price tag..

"We just wanna make the world dance"
- Price Tag

Sooo... i wonder how many people in the world are currently dancing these days ^^v. What with the recession and government cut backs and lack of scholarships everywhere you look. Not trying to sound overly killjoy here, but getting my first job ever kinda made me realize the value of those greens you get at the end of each grueling month. (I haven't even gotten mine yet LOL!)

Alhamdulillah for me, i've been never been without my own money since graduating highschool. (If scholarships count as your own money anyways ^^v) Before this however money was scarce. My family was never one in the tradition of giving monthly allowances like most of my friends. Money was given when asked. And even then, not all the time. Once in matriculation i received governmental allowance, in UPM I started off on partial PTPTN and switched to a more leisurely JPA scholar in my second year. Thankfully, I still have some of the money left over from my studies, even with quite a huge chunk taken out for club expenses, siblings/family, DSLR's and what not.

I decided before the dwindling amount in my bank account became nothing, i would need to find means to sustain myself. And rightly so with the daydreams of moving out and getting an apartment, being jobless kinda smashes the whole thing into ruins. This was after I realized that furthering my studies might take some time, and that i didn't want to become penniless till then. So here i am, working as a Quality Assurance trainee for the moment before the senior QA goes on maternity leave at the end of this month leaving me to single handedly run the operation just as she had. 

There were a few things that i had wanted to do which required me to obtain a steady income. 
  • Participate in monthly donation as means of sedekah. Something like UNICEF which along was a part of 
  • Get my license (RM600 - 700)
  • Transfer Money to tabung haji to activate the account (RM 1,400)
  • put aside money monthly to said account (RM 100-200)
  • Pay PTPTN loan (RM100 - 200 /month)
  • Contribute to cat food (RM 180/month) and general feline expenses including vet visits. 
  • Contribute to groceries (of crosss.. >_<)
  • Contribute to internet bills 
  • Take TOEFL (RM 500)
  • Apply for MSc (RM100-200)
  • Save for travel <3

But even before i could reap the fruits of my labor, my beloved Toothless (see previous post) came down with batu karang. Interestingly enough this has become a common diagnosis for the Shah Family Felines -_-v especially with the males. Currently he has been hospitalized for a total of 12 days, due to renal and kidney complications. The estimated amount given for a 1 week stay was around RM400. I'm thinking it would probably add up to sumwhere around RM600+? This is not including the bill for my previous cat which died at the vet adding another RM300+ to the total. Another bag of specialized urinal diet will probably entail adding another RM50-60 to the equation. And just the other day, my mom had abruptly transferred all cat expenses to my sister and I. This is considering collaboratively we earn less than 3K nett mwuahaha.

In addition to this, I will be attending a crash course sewing class at the end of this month with along, for RM150 each. Haven't bough all the supplies yet to do so. Don't even know how much that'll cost ^^v

I had planned on getting an mp3, an external and also an upgrade lense for our camera. But i guess those will have to wait for the time being. Oh and my daydreams of getting an i-phone.. puahahahahah. Not anytime soon if ever ^^

Welpz it's not ALL about the money, but there's sure a lot of strings attached ne.. 

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