Haven't been on here in a while.

Probably cuz i've been a bit busy and obsessed with my tumbr lately. What can i say. I'm a visual kind of person. And what better place to look a awesome pictures than tumblr. I must admit though it is kind of depressing when  i see the side bar and there are only like 8 people following. No one loves me T__T

So no one rely reblogs me while i reblog everyone else like crazy. ^^v And my edits are still amateurish to really catch anyone's attention. So i feel totally lame when i actually spazz out after getting just 2 notes. But thus the life of a tumblr newby, who will probably always remain with 8 followers. *wallowing in self pity*

Just now i found out one of my comments for youtube got 100+ likes and  i was grinning like crazy and feeling all proud before i realized it totally made me an attention whore -_-v.

Internet life is so depressing sometimes.
Yeah cuz it means i don't really have one.

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