I had an awfully vivid dream last night.

About a guy.
Well to be more specific, he was my guy. But i've never seen him before or anyone resembling him, light  skin, medium height and low voice.

Apparently i was going on our first date together. A drive. He had picked me up from a mall of some kind, and Along had had prior knowledge of this, because, lets face it, if I was ever to pull off a stunt like that Along would be my one and only accomplice. It's crazy because i can actually remember his face, what he was wearing and his hands on the gear. I don't usually remember details like that. I even remembered the scenery outside.

You know how dreams tend to take weird turns and jump from one scene to the next so that you can kinda guess that you're not really doing the things you do? But this dream had a chronology. Everything fit. Even that nervous feeling i got when he turned to me from the driver seat to tell me something. He was really attractive. Not in the sense that he was drop dead gorgeous. But he spoke calmly, smiled when he was talking and had the most unnerving gaze. He seemed totally in control of things.

He had driven me home. And to my luck my dad was tinkering with something outside. Even the horor of that felt real. But my guy just stepped out of the car and greeted him so politely and made it feel like the most natural of meetings. Maybe this should have been the weird turn that made me realize i was dreaming. He even met my mom and my brothers. And finally my sister where they shared a conspiring look with each other.

Everything just felt so right. Until i felt searing pain on my leg, only to wake and fine two very long claw marks on my calf courtesy of my cat. -_-v

Well at least it was a memorable first date =)


Sofie Shah said...

The most important part of this dream is the conspiring look I share with him at the end.. muahahahs! XD

Insyaallah everything will turn out fine hunny, no matter who he is. Hey, if he decides to marry you, then it's safe to say he's willing to wallow through all the family shnitz for life! ^^

~Kecikjer~ said...

Ahaks, i'm sure you'll get that at least once ^_~

*sigh* i guess. The problem is getting him to even like me.. WAAAAAAaaaaaaa ToT