New Chapter..

I sent in my resignation letter a couple weeks ago. 

In truth I had wanted to send it along with a separate personal letter which touches on how a company is supposed to treat its employees, but i digressed.

Now i'm currently at a crossroads on whether to
1. Become an RA for Lect A. before continuing my masters under her or..
2. Becoming a master student directly under Lect. B

Option 1:
The pros is that i'm already quite familiar with Lect A and her style of work with her students. Being an RA also lets me brush up on my skills seeing that i've been a bit dormant for the past 6 months. Also RA means salary which is definitely a plus. And of course two of my friends are already attached to her so working and learning from each other would be a lot less stressful.

Cons are, I'd have to wait awhile to do my masters. Accommodations are also a bit hard seeing that i can't exactly commute without a license or car. Not having transportation really hurts T-T. I'll probably have to get a room somewhere around serdang.. -_-v

Option 2:
The pros is that the masters offered is actually something i'm into; Nutritional Biochem. And I would probably become a student immediately which gives me the option of asking for boarding in UPM. (A much preferred choice than staying outside of course)

The cons are, well to be fair i'll be going to see Lect B. next week so I haven't really gotten all the facts straight yet. I'm not too familiar with her, and don't know any students under her. And i'm also unsure about the funding as well as if there are any allowances. 

Honestly, my mind set at the moment is just to finish up my masters. I want to be at least done with that by the time i'm 25 so that i can think about a career or family for that matter ^^v. Dunno if that kind of thinking is any good for a researcher though. It's not like i'm planning to do a half assed job (pardon the language) or anything. It's just not my favorite thing. I'm sure i'll manage though. There's no shortcut in life anyways right? fufufufu


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