Syukur Alhamdulillah..

I have finally gotten the green light to be hired as a research assistant in UPM.

Thank goodness I'm well on my way to begin my masters degree ^_^ And though there are so many uncertain thoughts and mixed feelings jumbled up inside me right now I have prayed countless times to be put on the path that is best for me. And I honestly believe that this is it.

So 2 more grueling years of brain torture.

But I guess there's no shortcut to anything.



putriiiii said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY~ under which lecturer??? OMG Embekiss is baaaack! *bounce* *bounce*

~Kecikjer~ said...


i'm actually weighing two options. Either way i'll still be in UPM. Embekiss are awesome!!!! LOL. When are you coming back?