Some things never change..

I wonder how old I have to be in order to look my age..

Honestly though.

Two people in the last week didn't believe me when i said i was 24. Well technically still 23 until October but i think you know what i mean. It was actually kind of funny seeing that both girls on separate occasions had the same reaction. eyes widening, jaw dropping and exclamation of "serious?!"

I kid you not -_-v.

Oh and in addition to that, during my uni years I'd often get questions like
"orang kelantan ke?" or "dari Serawak ek?" Well just yesterday i can now add " adik orang Terengganu ke?" to my repertoire. I'm endlessly curious on whether its in the way I talk or just the way I look that urges complete strangers to guess my origin ^^v


Sofie Shah said...


it seems i'm gettin' younger too these days.. people start calling me 'adik' instead of the usual 'kakak'..;p

~Kecikjer~ said...


shedding a few pounds apparently reduces you age by more than 10 years XD

- A said...

definitely the way you look...

~Kecikjer~ said...


is there an actual look to go with state of origin? ^^v