Look what the wolf brought in..

In the midst of the chaos which is my literature review, and despite my desperate financial status, last Friday i attended my first Big Bad Wolf Sale ^^

I'm actually pretty relieved that the reading culture in Malaysia is finally starting off. God knows how many people I've encountered who dengan bangganya exclaim that they don't read -_-v. As much as i love to read myself, Rm 30-40 bucks a novel does a lot to deter you from buying (Yes, I know, authors need to make money too but still..). 

So after work, my workmates and I stopped by on the 63 hour non stop book frenzy. I was so excited, i could hardly focus on work. Unfortunately i didn't find any series or specific books i was looking for. The selections were pretty much all over the place. So it was more like picking up whatever title that catches your eye. I actually got a bruise from carrying a box filled with books for nearly 4 hours against my hip. 

These were my first haul. 


And then on Saturday i went again with along at 7am. We only lasted 2 hours though. huhu ^^v

All in all i guess i can say i'm satisfied with our picks this year. At least that will be enough books to last me for sometime. I do recommend book lovers to stop by. There were plenty of non-fiction books that i wanted to try out too, but didn't have the budget to get =(. Maybe next time the wolf stops by i'll have more moola to spend.

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