Dungun Convo Trip

So a few weeks ago the whole family and I took a little time out from our everyday lives to celebrate the long awaited convocation of my brother in UITM Dungun. On a personal note i think i'm almost becoming org pantai timur from all these visits there. I'm starting to even remember the roads.. weird.

Aaaany who, the trip was actually our alza's maiden trip to anywhere farther than UPM and kepong. Haven't shown her to you huh?

Picked out the color myself. (Since the white myvi has been such a pain to wash -_-v) To be fair, it fared pretty well with 5 full grown people and a whole stuffing of luggage (and fish and fruits, and god knows what else..).

The actual ceremony was in truth a huge disappointment. Even though my parents said the procession inside was alright, the on goings outside was just down right sad. The tv monitor for the guests outside refused to function, leaving probaly 100+ people staring at the closed doors of the dewan. I guess i wouldn't have minded so much if i didn't see all these grandparents sitting there waiting to see their grandchildren graduate =(.

Sooo, trying to make the best of things my siblings and i wiggled out way to the side entrance so that at least we would be able to see my brother lining up before getting on stage.

The pink sash he was wearing was a recognition for graduating as a Dean's list. The only guy in his batch. Which was nice. I wish UPM would do something like that. It makes the parents proud I tell ya. And they even announce it all nice. At least that part they did right.

Graduations are such happy occasions. I think more so for my brother after he won an SME competition just a day before. Alhamdulillah, rezeki melimpah ruah. Insya'allah there will be more good things to come for him.

Later the next day I demanded we took time to take pictures since it's not everyday that i get to see the water. And the weather was just perfect.

We reached home at 1 in the morning. But the trip was worth it. Can't really say that it was all too stress relieving seeing that everywhere i go these days.. there just seems to be a haunting misfortune that seems to lurk. I do hope someday that will resolve itself. Overall, it was fun.

Oh but on a different note. After sending the car to the car wash today (which in the end left me washing it a second time at home) we noticed that the small fog light on our left was smashed. Like it was something deliberate. Because nothing else was scratched and we hadn't run into anything previously. Whoever did that, if in deed it was intentional. I hope you get what you deserve for vandalizing other people's property.

With that said.
I'm hungry and need to eat.


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