Somewhere only I know.

I had a dream last night.

I was on a road trip. Heading off to somewhere, i'm not really sure where exactly.

But the scenery was breath taking.

It's amazing what your mind can put together in your subconscious. I can't even recall the full picture now, but I remembered it was perfect. The greenery with those big old trees with roots larger than your body. The clear blue green water with the white foam when in crashes onto the beach. The rustic old architecture weather beaten but still magnificent.  The Breeze, the sounds and the smells. It was one of those dreams where you can't seem to let go, even when you've opened  your eyes and take in the surrounding on your room.

And I find myself missing it so badly.


Opie said...

I think our heads are always trying to give us what we want. If not in reality, then at least in dreams.. ^^

Kecikjer said...

That would explain those jaejoong dreams then.. XD Mwuahaha