Series of Unfortunate Events..

The starting of 2013 is starting off with some unexpected and unfortunate events.

Last week I received a call that my grandmother had vomited blood and was admitted to a hospital in Negeri 9. My surgeon pak long, had however left the country on that same day and was only able to dictate through the phone on what was to be done. My grandmother was transported all the way to Tawakal Private Hospital in K.L where my Mak Teh works. Fortunately the diagnosis was not as bad as i had feared. But it did get the whole family together, aunts, uncles, cousins alike. It makes you remember what's important. And also the importance of having someone with a medical background in the family. It might sound superficial, but I've been through many instances where having a certified doctor in the family really helped move things along. Now my grandmother is currently staying at my family's house before we can figure out further arrangements.

Then, on the 2nd day of my grandmother's stay, my mother received news that the son of her best friend since college had been rushed to ICU due to sudden hemorrhaging. He was my senior in school. It was a rare condition in certain people where the blood vessel in the brain is inherently fragile and ruptures due to high pressure. By the time my mother and brother went to see him, he was already on life support. They arranged a solat hajat for him the following day, but before they could gather, the boy passed away. I was informed later that evening and my sister and I made our way home to grieve with the family. Death can come so fast. It was shocking, and surreal that it was difficult to realize that someone you knew is no longer alive. That night, while reading yasin at their house, the youngest son of the family had stood in front everyone  thanking and inquiring about his older brothers unpaid debts. It made me sad. To have that responsibility at such a young age. Loosing someone can break you down, but it will also make you stronger.

Finally, last night around 9pm, I received a call from my mom from the hospital. It seemed that she had tripped and fallen down the stairs of her office. The security guard and a few of her staff had brought her straight to the hospital. Fortunately while she was talking, she seemed calm, but unable to use her foot, she was wheelchair ridden before the doctors could fully assess the damage on her leg. Not risking anything my sis requested that she get a full body check up, if heaven forbid she had hit her head or anything of the sort. You can never be sure with elderly people. I was worried myself. Immediately i imagined her disappointment at not being able to follow the jemaah prayer at the mosque like she is so used to. I'm not sure why that came to my mind among other things.

It just goes to show you, things can happen so quickly and so unexpectedly. My grandmother who vomited blood is Alhamdulillah alive and well, while a young healthy boy had suddenly passed away. It puts life in perspective for you. It doesn't matter who you are, how healthy you are, or how well you try to take care of yourself. Life is fleeting, and time, deceiving. Make the most of it while you can.

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