I'm seriously awaiting a much needed H1n1 break..

though the probability seems slim now. 10 hours counting till FST4822 test. If no announcement for closing of upm is done by then... then, i guess i wont put my hopes up to high T-T

But seriously.. my brain is cramped with oils, cereals, meats, legumes and all its brethrens. I don't think i'll be a able to cram anything else in for the next 2 tests lining up. And the the journal presentation on friday..

is just my cherry on top.

I'm also having a problem waking up in the middle of the night. Sometimes at 2 3 in the morning. If i'm lucky it just takes 10 minutes to go back to sleep. When i'm not...I'm up till subuh..

"My dark circles are seriously spreading"


Amirul Syafiq Mahadi said...

alolo...ciannya adik aku...

Sofie Shah said...

Wey, sejak bila Along ada adik nama Amirul Syafiq Mahadi?? ~.^

So, how were the tests? I'm sorry hunny.. I wanted the schools to close down too, then I'd have everyone at home..

But if the U closes, then that means we're all under darurat, which is something I cannot afford..

My labwork needs to finish, dammit!! And I'm doing so well, too..