Jaejoong Day!!

This is the earliest that i've blogged in the morning. Just to shout out :


Wishing you brighter & happier days ahead. Himnaeseyo Jejoongie!! <3 
I would have bought your intermodulation you see but i'm currently out of cash right now, even for the esssays T-T. It just kills me. But I'm workin on it! >_< There's still homin's CD to buy. Haish pali2 get back togehter so i can just buy one cd with all my boy's ^^


Sofie Shah said...

Ah yeah, I almost forgot!

Happy birthday Jae umma.. ^^

Anonymous said...

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Sofie Shah said...

WTH is wrong with people?

Who gives a hoot if Lady Gaga is better than Madonna, geez.. (-___-)

mingu_90 said...

hi kak fura..ni yasmin, remember me? kem al biruni last yer ^^ nice & interesting blog! can i add u in my blog list? :D

Safura said...

@unni i know seriously spammers. Lady gaga is no where on the list of people i give a damn about -_-v

@yasmin huhu mekacih^^ feel free utk add. Blog merepek2 jer ^^v